Our Terms and Conditions


Article 0 – Legal description :

DiscoBus Las Vegas is a dba of INSIDE VEGAS LLC and operated under CPCN 2191.

INSIDE VEGAS LLC – 3535 W Harmon Ave Ste E – 89103 Las Vegas – NV – USA

Article 1 – Service description :

The service includes the vehicle in working order, the qualified driver, the professional insurance for the people on board, the gas, the mileage, the duration according to the quotations, as well as the options defined with the client. Any hour started is due in full. Our prices are in USD and are all inclusive of tax and gratuity. The service does not include the price to be paid for tolls, parking space, and admission charge to public places. Any delay caused by the client leading to the vehicle being held for more than the contractual time will automatically be charged and this amount can be taken from the deposit, partial payment or full pre-payment ( see article 2 below ). Regarding the legislation, our licenses and our insurances, we limit our services in Las Vegas valley. Please also note we reserve the right to decline selected addresses.

Article 2 – Price and Payment :

For any booking, a minimum deposit of $100 / booking, must be paid by the customer using any preferred means, except checks ( as they require at least 16 days to be cashed in ). Some specific dates or specials may require a full prepayment. The outstanding balance can be paid on the evening of the event, before boarding the bus, unless agreed differently with « DiscoBus ». In any case, the person who placed the booking and signed the order form and/or their guarantor are the only persons responsible for the payment in case the user fails to make it. Should the event last longer than planned, upon request of, or because of the client, must be authorized by DiscoBus and will lead to extra charges, any delay cause by the client leading to the vehicle being held for more than the contractual time will automatically be charged. In case of any extra service ( bartender, dancer… ) : the corresponding amounts must be pre-paid.

If you opt to prepay the entire amount of your reservation, you’ll be requested to bring your ID and the card you used online.

Any discount code, trade or comp is supposed to be filed and rewarded only during the booking process. No price adjustment will be accepted after a reservation already filed. No price adjustment will be applied either in case of special, discount, promotion or sale offered after a reservation already filed and approved in our system.

Article 3 – Cancellation :

All the deposits, partial payments and full pre-payments are defined as retainer(s), which holds the company for your party. If, however, you should wish to reschedule, we will do our best to accommodate your needs, provided the rescheduled time is available. If you wish to leave your rescheduled date/time open, we can accommodate that as well – your deposit, partial payment or full pre-payment will remain on account and will be applied upon your rescheduling. If you cannot make your reserved date and time, you must contact us prior to your party, in order to reschedule or put your reservation on hold. All credit, rescheduling or postpone will be honored until 365 days from the original reservation. Beyond 365 days, all credit, rescheduling or postpone will be automatically forfeited. If you do not show up for your party at your reserved date and time, your deposit, partial payment or full pre-payment will then be forfeited. All deposits, partial payments and full pre-payments are non-refundable,  ( including add ons like dancers… )

Please note no reschedule can be accepted less than 48H before your event. In case of no show, your deposit, partial payment or full pre-payment is also retained.

In case of the service cannot happen because of legal restrictions, in order to protect our customers, DiscoBus undertakes to postpone the service reserved by the customer without any fee or any penalty, under 365 days.

Article 4 – Vehicle unavailability :

Should DiscoBus not be able to provide the vehicle chosen in the contract due to a break down, or an accident or any other incident for which DiscoBus can be liable, or another vehicle with the same equipment, the client will get a full refund of the money already paid, with no possibility to engage in further legal procedures. However, the deposit, partial payment or full pre-payments money will be kept if both parties agree on using the same vehicle or another vehicle at a latter date. In case of a break down, or an accident or any other incident for which DiscoBus can be liable, the lease will be prolonged for the same duration, without any further compensation to the client. Should this prolongation not be possible, due to the vehicle being needed for another event, the compensation to the client will be equal to 10% of the rental price of the vehicle, excluding taxes and excluding the price of any other option chosen. This will be the sole and unique compensation to the client, with no other possible claim for the prejudice this may have caused.

Article 5 – Vehicle’s delay :

We do our very best to arrive on time. Unfortunately, DiscoBus is not liable in any way in case of traffic, road closures, climate event, God’s act or any other reason.  In case of driver’s delay, the service will be extended accordingly. As long, the service will be extended and completed, no compensation or either refund can be processed or even asked by the customer.

Article 6 – Safety and damages :

The client is informed that the driver has to comply with the traffic regulations. They shall never break those rules ( speed limits, one way streets ), even at the request of the client, from whom they will never take any instructions. In case of damages caused inside the vehicle, or damages caused to the outside of the vehicle or to other vehicles due, for instance, to inconvenient opening of the doors, those damages will be charged in full to the client. The driver is the only person allowed to close or open the doors. Smoking is prohibited inside the vehicles ; the driver is instructed to stop ( in a safe place, and without hindrance to the traffic or disturbance to the neighborhood ) to allow smokers to chill out when they want to. Should an onboard team member notice that the client and/or one of the passengers break the rules, or find themselves in a physical or mental state that are not compatible with the event continuing in a smoothy way, or not compatible with the security and/or hygienic conditions due to other passengers or to the event, they will immediately stop the event. The organizer is personally liable for any damage caused by his / her party’s members. In case of abnormal cleaning of the vehicle ( voluntary splashing liquid, vomit, glitters, confettis, feathers… ) a flat fee of USD $300 will be charged. Failure to comply with our no smoking rule will constitute a fine of USD $100. The client also agrees and acknowledge paying all the related fees and charges to get the vehicle back to its normal working condition. No compensation will he given to the client, no matter how short the duration of the event so far. No animals allowed onboard. The route the bus will take is defined by DiscoBus, after consulting with the client. The driver will not take any other route and will not take any instructions from the client regarding this point. The client and the passengers are responsible for their own personal belongings. DiscoBus cannot be held responsible for any missing items.

Article 7 – Bringing your drinks and food inside the vehicle :

Do not forget : you must be 21 years old to drink alcohol legally in the United States… and also in VegasDiscoBus allows you to bring drinks, as long as they are for the client’s personal consumption. Selling of any item, and particularly alcohol under any form, is strictly prohibited. DiscoBus reserves the right to stop the service on the stop, should this rule be broken, no matter how short the duration of the event so far, and this, without any possible claim from the client. The quantity of alcohol drinks must be reasonable & proportional to the number of clients. Before boarding, the staff reserves the right to check the bags and the age of your clients. If you want to bring your own food, it’s authorized under some conditions :

    • no sauce
    • reasonable smelling food
    • the food must be contained in reasonable size containers and stable

For your safety :

    • only plastic tablewares are allowed on board
    • candles are not allowed on board

Article 8 – High Temperatures :

To ensure the highest level of comfort and good functioning of our equipment, we reserve the right to refuse any service to be held with external temperatures exceeding 85° F. In this case, we’ll do our very best to accommodate your party only after the sunset ( usually from 7PM ).

Article 9 – Intellectual property :

If the renting of the vehicle is accompanied by the display of advertising images on the bus, no matter the means ( printing,… ), the client will be the only one responsible for making sure no infringement of intellectual property is committed by the illegal use of counterfeit logos, brands or models. DiscoBus can in no case be held responsible for this, the client will guarantee that the company will not be convicted.

Article 10 – Social Media Posting :

The client agrees to refrain from dishonest posts and harmful reviews on Google, Yelp or any other social media platforms including insults, defamation & false statements on social media & review platforms and agrees that concerns & issues should be addressed with DiscoBus Management to arrive at an amicable solution.

Article 11 – Appropriate Conduct :

The client expressly agrees to provide and maintain to DiscoBus’s staff a safe and appropriate courteous relationship during the ride and also during all the booking process like communications by emails, phone calls and texts.

Article 12 – Complaints & Disputes :

The customer has got up to 48 hours to file a complain to DiscoBus by email or mail. No complaint will be considered by phone, text message or either electronic message. 

Any dispute arising from the present articles are submitted to the US law and can be judged exclusively by the court of Las Vegas – Nevada, unless it falls under the public dispositions of the code of civil procedures.

You are confirming that you have read and approved all of the present terms and conditions.

Ordering is committing yourself to those rules.