Screens use


Want to display your best ( or ugliest hahaha ) pictures / videos on our inside screens ? Just do it !

Please note :

  • Must be on a USB Flash drive ( not over than 32Mo )

  • Pictures must be included in a VIDEO file. We cannot play the pictures one by one.

  • CD / DVD aren’t accepted ( the road rocks and shakes ! )

  • PowerPoint or any app / software aren’t accepted

  • We do not guarantee our devices will play all the worldwide video formats as there are hundreds of different codecs but it play most of them 🙂

  • We aren’t liable if you leave your USD stick behind you after your ride. So don’t include any personal or sensitive informations. Only a copy of your video.
  • This add on is only about displaying a video. It doesn’t include any streaming service, bluetooth connection, wifi, etc… It’s a bus… not a broadcast studio :))