Your questions... Our answers !

What am I supposed to know about Disco Bus ?

That's entirely up to you. But : the sooner you make reservations, the more options you'll have for availability. So we always recommend to our customers to make reservations as soon as your trip to Las Vegas is confirmed.
You can either call us at (702) 354 4245 or you can make reservations on our website – all information is secure and encrypted. All online reservations require a deposit and confirmation is made by a follow-up email within 48 hours.

We collect a $50 deposit to confirm a booking. The balance is due upon arrival of your Disco Bus.
In case of any extra service ( catering, photographer, videographer, striper... ) : the corresponding amounts must be pre-paid.

Sorry but we do not accept checks anymore.

Your deposit is a guarantee, which holds the company for your party. Deposits are refundable up to 7 days before the event. If, however, you should wish to reschedule, we will do our very best to accommodate your needs, provided the rescheduled time is available. If you wish to leave your rescheduled date/time open, we can accommodate that as well – your deposit amount will remain on account and will be applied upon your rescheduling. If you cannot make your reserved date and time, you must contact us prior to your party, in order to reschedule or put your reservation on hold. If you do not show up for your party at your reserved date and time, your deposit will then be forfeited.

Please note no reschedule can be accept less than 48H before your event. In case of no show, your deposit is also retained.

The safety of our passengers is our primary concern.
Besides a regular mechanical maintenance and daily attention, our drivers drive at a moderate speed.
Please note that the bus is under indoor / outdoor recorded video surveillance.

All the packages include a professional DJ.
If you need a particular music according to the theme of your evening, please indicate it during the reservation.
Don't worry : we'll play boogie music only if you want     ;)

Feel free to bring your favorite pictures and / or videos ! We do not recommend any CD / DVD ( the road rocks and shakes ! ) so PLEASE bring a USB Flash drive or SD Card ( not over 32Mo ). We do not guarantee our devices will play all the worldwide formats but they play most of them !

Ask us to show your private message on the exterior destination sign ! As this : everyone ont the Strip will understand how your party is important ! But pleeeeeeease do not ask us to display any bad word !!

Yes, the Disco Bus is equipped with air conditioning for your comfort.

However : in case of external temperature above 100 °F, your comfort may not be optimal, what you understand in advance.

We do not have any specific dress code : you are welcome to dress formal, casual or... even disguised ! That's Vegas Baby !

Minors are welcome on board to the extent they are accompanied throughout the presence of an adult over 21 years old and with authority .

Our Disco Bus will come to you with plenty of bottles of water for you and your guests.

You can also bring your own drinks under some conditions :
- the quantity of alcohol drinks must be proportional to the number of guests
- corkscrews are not allowed on board

Do not forget : you must be 21 years old to drink alcohol legally in the United States... and also in Vegas !
Before boarding, the staff reserves the right to check the bags and the age of your guests.

We offer an excellent catering service on board with service adapted to this type of experience on wheels. Visit our catering page ! 

If you prefer : your own food is authorized on board under some conditions :
- no hot food
- no smelling food
- the food must be contained in reasonable size containers and stable

For your safety :
- only plastic tablewares are allowed on board
- candles are not allowed on board

Our team will be happy to assist you so that your event takes place in the best conditions.

Regarding the legislation, our licences and our insurances, we limit our services in Las Vegas area. Please also note we reserve the right to decline selected addresses.

Please let know our staff in case of doubt.

In general, do not do on board that you would not do at your home !

Here is a partial list of behaviors that we do not tolerate on board :
- insulting or threatening behavior against our staff
- equipment degradation
- non-compliance with safety instructions
- opening emergency exits without reason
- using tobacco or drugs
- any fight or any challenge for fighting

The organizer is personally liable for any damage caused by his party's members. In case of abnormal cleaning of the bus ( voluntary splashing liquid, vomit, glitters, confettis, feathers... ) a flat fee of USD $250 will be charged. Failure to comply with our no smoking rule will constitute a fine of USD $100.

We reserve the right to immediately stop the service, without notice, refunds or compensation.
Any violation of the law will lead the intervention of the police. But we're sure you and your guests are good people... as us !