Your questions... Our answers !


Absolutely. Including taxes and gratuities. With us : no hidden charge and no bad surprise at the last minute !
Tips are always apreciated - but non mandatory - and only based on your satisfaction ;)

That's entirely up to you. But : the sooner you make reservations, the more options you'll have for availability. So we always recommend to our customers to make reservations as soon as your trip to Las Vegas is confirmed.

In order to avoid any issue and to keep your details safe, we strongly recommend to place your reservation on our secured website – all information is secured and encrypted. All online reservations require a deposit and confirmation is made by a follow-up email within 48 hours.

We ask after a $100 minimum deposit to confirm a booking but you can also prepay the full amount. Some special offers may ask after a full payment.
In case of any add-on the corresponding amounts must be pre-paid.

If you opt to prepay the entire amount of your reservation, you'll be requested to bring your ID and the card you used online.

Your deposit is a guarantee, which holds the company for your party.
All paid deposits are non refundable.
If, however, you should wish to reschedule, we will do our very best to accommodate your needs, provided the rescheduled time is available.
If you wish to leave your rescheduled date/time open, we can accommodate that as well – your deposit amount will remain on account and will be applied upon your rescheduling.
If you cannot make your reserved date and time, you must contact us prior to your party, in order to reschedule or put your reservation on hold.
If you do not show up for your party at your reserved date and time, your deposit will then be forfeited.

Please note no reschedule can be accepted less than 48H before your event. In case of no show, your deposit is also retained.

No problem, just put “TBC” in the address field. Please note we will imperatively need this information at least a week before your ride.

Please also remember we only deserve the Las Vegas Valley. So no Parhump, no LA, no Lake Las Vegas or nice state parks like Red Rock and Valley of Fire. Also keep in mind that the length of your ride will impact the place you want to go to. Don’t ask us to make 3 stops in one hour ☺

Your ride is not confirmed yet, but we have received your inquiry.

One of our agents will review our schedule to see if we have availability and will come back to you within 24 hours.

As long you received a confirmation with a booking number : you don't need to reconfirm your reservation. An emailed confirmation means that you're all set !

Our team will email you a booking confirmation with 24 hours.

If the date and time you requested is not available, we will let you know the available spots we have for your party and ask you if you want to proceed or cancel.

This $100 charge is only a pre-authorization. If we confirm the booking, the charge will go from pending to posted on your bank account.

If we can’t accommodate your ride, and the other time slots we have available don’t suit you, we will cancel your booking at no charge.

If we cancel the booking request, your bank will discard this pre-authorization and, depending on the bank you have, the pre-authorization will disappear within 3 to 5 days.

Please note : this timeframe totally depends on your bank. We never collect your deposit before confirming a ride.

Your card has probably been declined because of the anti-fraud system. Most of the time, this is caused by an incorrect zip code or address you entered at the time of booking. Please make sure your information is correct and try again.

If the problem persists, call your bank or use another card. Regarding the charge you can see on your bank account, this is only a pre-authorization. As your card has been declined, depending on your bank, this charge will disappear from your statement within 3 to 5 days.

Your balance will be due the day of your event to your driver, at the beginning of your ride, by cash and / or card. Please have your ID with you.

Cash and cards ( with a valid ID ). We don’t accept checks.

Feel free to reply to our confirmation email to send us your updates or requests.

Don’t forget to include your name and booking number. We need an email to make changes on a routing.


We are approved for up to 40 passengers, of course, it will also depends on how strong your guests are !
To be really comfortable, we usually advise not to go over 36 guests, but if you’re 40, we’re good with that !
But PLEASE do not bring more than 40 people ( including yourself ) : our driver would have to decline your ride as you wouldn't be covered by our insurrance !

We usually make some stops to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign and / or different locations so your guests can smoke a cigarette or go to the restrooms, the number of stops basically depends on the length of the ride.
If you have any specific spot you want to go to, and we have enough time to go there, we’ll be more than happy to follow your directions.
If you prefer to let our driver go to the usual spots and just dance and fun, we’re good with that too :)

We limit our services only in the Las Vegas Valley.
We don't deserve any park like Valley of Fire and Red Rock Canyon.

Please note we reserve the right to decline selected addresses.
Please also remember : asking the bus to come in your neighborhood could create some tensions. Nobody likes a noisy heavy duty truck in front his / her house ! 

If you have any doubt, please let us know at the time of booking.

Absolutely ! By the Law, we provide only private transportation for pre-arranged groups.
You will never find any stranger on board. Please note : the driver and the DJ can not be considered as stranger(s). Yep. Period.
This bus isn't gonna drive it self. We tried... but it didn't work as expected  :))

The safety of our passengers is our primary concern.
Besides a regular mechanical maintenance and daily attention, our drivers drive at a moderate speed.
Please note that the bus is under indoor / outdoor recorded video surveillance.

Since 2/11/2022, there's no more any Mask Mandate in Las Vegas. 

Unfortunately we don't have any specific space for a wheelchair on board so your disable guest will have to be able to take a seat on board.

Please kindly note :
- we have room on board for only 1 foldable wheelchair
- for liability and insurance concerns, our staff isn't allowed to assist your guest to get in / out.

The bus is NO SMOKING. Please don't insist, don't try to corrupt us, don't come to protest... it will always be NO !
It's not to bother you guys : it's just unsafe and federally illegal. Vape is ok.

Our buses include a private live DJ on board to play your music and entertain you, so no phones are needed.
We are the only company in town providing this service, so enjoy your private live event on board !

Hell no !! Disco music was nice... but let's be honest : actual music is nice also :)

All the packages include a professional DJ. 
During your booking process, you'll be able to choose your favorite type of music and the corresponding decade. 
Don't worry : we'll play boogie music only if YOU want ;)

Absolutely ! Our DJs are professionals and experienced.
They know how to adapt to all audiences based on the instructions you'll choose during your booking process.

Since 1/1/2022, we don't accept custom playlists anymore. 
It was not a blind decision. Based on more than 8 years of experience providing party transportation in Vegas, we noticed that most of the time the person who paid sends a playlist which doesn't reflect the entire group. 
90% of the time, our DJs were asked to get away the playlist and play real party songs :) 

That's why, in order to keep smiles on boards, less dramas and reduce the complaints, we now offer only the opportunity to choose between 8 different music categories AND also the decade. Based on this informations, our DJs will be able to play their best selection for you ! 

IF YOU PLACED your reservation before 1/1/2022 and ONLY if you did : 

In order to be able to work on your own playlist we will need to receive it AT LEAST 3 days before your event. We only accept regular typed playlists (no app, no screenshot). Not more than 20-25 songs per booked hour and send us only ONE playlist please. Sending us multiple updates could result in some confusions. Just feel free to reply to our confirmation email to send your playlist, this way we will be able to associate it with your booking ☺

Also : please don't ask after a certain order to play the songs as your DJ will mix it based on the rhythmics, the tempo, the tones and... your guest's mood of course ! There's some stuff that spotify or youtube cannot do still ;) 

Please note : requiring a playlist is NOT mandatory or even required : our DJs are professionals. They know how to adapt to all audiences.

But : we won’t be able to accept a playlist sent less than 3 days before your ride. Sorry, but our DJs need to sleep too and can’t work on your music at the last minute. NO EXCEPTION. 

As we use professional equipments for the sound system and the lights, we do not accept any other DJ on board than ours. 

Because of too many abusers and too many bad singers ( hahaha ), we don't offer this option anymore.  

Our main priority is to provide safe and comfortable buses and our dispatch work hard to make your ride happens.
That's why and based on other different factors, we cannot guarantee which bus you'll have.
But don't worry : both of our buses are twins with same equipment. They just have different personalities like a pair of twins ;)

Sorry but since September 2021, we don't offer this option anymore.

For an additional fee, ask us to show your private message on the exterior destination sign !
As this : everyone ont the Strip will understand how your party is important !
But pleeeeeeease do not ask us to display any bad word !!

Yes : the Disco Bus is equipped with a strong air conditioning for your comfort.

Don't forget we are in the middle of the desert... that's why between May and September we don’t accept any reservation before the sunset ( between 6PM and 8PM depending on the month ).

Please note : Despite our strong AC on board, we cannot beat the extreme heats during the summer in Vegas. In case of external temperature above 85 °F, your comfort may not be optimal, what you understand in advance.

We don't have any restrooms on board (you don’t want a smelly ride, do you ?). But we always offer some bathroom break(s) during a ride ! 

We do not have any specific dress code : you are welcome to dress formal, casual or... even disguised ! That's Vegas Baby ! We've got also a good news for you Ladies : heels are not mandatory with us ! Welcome on board !

Minors are welcome on board only if they are accompanied throughout the presence of an adult over 21 years old and with authority .

Sorry folks : chaperons will be on duty  ;)

Sorry but we don't accept any decoration on board as it could damage the bus.


We are not a liquor store or a licensed bar so we cannot provide alcohol on board.

We will also provide cups and ice cubes. We don’t provide any alcohol but you are more than welcome to bring your own drinks under some conditions :
- the quantity of alcohol drinks must be proportional and reasonable to the number of guests - we know it’s Vegas, but still ;)
- don't sell any alcohol to your guests.

Do not forget : you must be 21 years old to drink alcohol legally in the United States... and also in Vegas !

You can also ask your driver to make a stop at a Liquor store but it will be on your time on board. Please note : liquor stores close around Midnight on the Strip now.

You are more than welcome to bring your own drinks under some conditions :

- the quantity of alcohol drinks must be proportional and reasonable to the number of guests - we know it’s Vegas, but still ;)
- don't sell any alcohol to your guests.

Do not forget : you must be 21 years old to drink alcohol legally in the United States... and also in Vegas !

You can also ask your driver to make a stop at a Liquor store but it will be on your time on board. Please note : liquor stores close around Midnight on the Strip now.

As we don't have a lots of room on board, we cannot handle your drinks and liquors for you. 

Just bring your drinks with you when you'll meet the bus ! 

Your own food is authorized on board under some conditions :

- no sauce
- reasonable smelling food
- the food must be contained in reasonable size containers and stable

For your safety :
- only plastic tablewares are allowed on board
- candles are not allowed on board

Our team will be happy to assist you so that your event takes place in the best conditions.


A few hours before your event, we will text you where exactly your bus will pick you up - if needed -.
We have BIG party buses, so they can not access to all hotels or private properties entrances.
If your place has different entrances, we will tell you where to go. 

We will also text you your driver’s number.
Please remember : our drivers CAN’T drive and text or call at the same time.
If they don’t answer right away, please allow them a few minutes to get back to you. 

We won’t ! We confirmed a location and time.
Please make sure you are at the right place at the time you chose when you booked online.
Our buses are BIG. They can’t stay parked in front of an hotel or a casino forever.
If you’re late, they may have to drive around to be able to come back.
That’s why it’s so important you arrive on time
(or even better, 5 minutes before your ride) to the location we sent you by text.
PLEASE REMEMBER : if you need any direction or assistance for the meeting location, contact your driver ! Dispatch won’t be able to help, but your driver will be there for you !

First, are you at the good spot ? If yes : well, traffic can sometimes be a pain in Las Vegas !
While our drivers always do their best to be there on time, they sometimes can be a few minutes late.
Don’t worry ! If we’re late, you will still enjoy the bus for the length you booked.
So keep your smile and be happy, we won’t let you down ! :)

Well now is the time for you and your friends to have fun !
But before that, your driver will collect your balance by cash or card (it’s always better to have fun when money isn’t involved right ?)
For payments by card, we will need to check your ID. Payments by cash are always welcome also.

Feel free to let your driver know where you want to go AT THE BEGINNING of your ride !
This way, he will make sure that it is doable within the length of your ride.

There is a reason why we ask your playlist 3 days in advance : our DJs use professional softwares and can’t download your music while DJing.
If you forgot to send us your playlist in advance, you can still request a few specific songs on board but we CAN NOT guarantee our DJ will be able to play them.
And if he goes above and beyond for you, please remember : tips are always appreciated!

We always include bathroom breaks during our rides but if it becomes urgent, let your driver know !

We know people like to complain online, but know what ? We LOVE when our happy customers share their happiness on social media ! 


In general, do not do on board that you would not do at your home !

Here is a partial list of behaviors that we do not tolerate on board :
- insulting or threatening behavior against our staff
- equipment degradation ( no feet on the seats ! )
- non-compliance with safety instructions
- opening emergency exits without reason
- using tobacco or drugs ( vape is ok )
- any fight or any challenge for fighting

The organizer is personally liable for any damage caused by his party's members. In case of abnormal cleaning of the bus ( voluntary splashing liquid, vomit, glitters, confettis, feathers... ) a flat fee of USD $300 will be charged. Failure to comply with our no smoking rule will constitute a USD $100 fine.

We reserve the right to immediately stop the service, without notice, refunds or compensation.
Any violation of the law will lead the intervention of the police. But we're sure you and your guests are good people... as us !


Well, you can ask your question, but if the answer is on this page, shame on you ;)

We are a small family business. We thrive to provide an amazing customer service, but we are also human beings, we can’t answer to all your questions right away, so please, before texting us, have a close look at this FAQ, because well, we have been doing this job for a long time, and we’re almost sure the answer you’re looking for is somewhere there !

Our online text message system is available at +1 (702) 707-7354 

Of course ! Please provide your name and booking number so we can better assist you. 

One of our agents will get back to you within a few hours.

Of course ! We don’t bite – but be careful, if your answer actually is there, we may charge you a 10% extra fee !
Just kidding… Or not ;)


We LOVE nice customers, if you are a nice and respectable person, you are more than welcome on board.

If you’re here to create dramas, have an attitude, or not respect any rules, please go somewhere else.
If you expect to blackmail us in order to get a free ride or any unmerited "compensation", just forget about it as we know how to recognize people like you.
If you think about scamming us with fake or stolen payments cards : LOL. Think about your karma and all the consequences you'll have to face to. We've been in this industry since so much a long time to detect scammers and thiefts like you. And we're very good with that.

We love our customers, and we do our best to please them whenever we can. But we have a ZERO tolerance policy for abusers, racists, blackmailers and bad people in general.

If you don’t know which category you fit in, well, you may not be our ideal customer, because nice people know they are nice. No worries, you’ll probably find another nice party bus in town for you and your friends !
If you’re a positive and respectable person, you are at the right place.